Copy Editing – Thorough editing of a text to detect various types of mistakes (spelling, grammar, typography, punctuation and syntax) and to ensure readability.

Comparative Editing – Editing to ensure accuracy and idiomatic style for translated texts from English to French and French to English.

Rewriting – A mix of copy editing and writing of a fully or partially written text to:

  • tailor the writing style and tone to a specific audience;
  • shorten the text due to space or page limitations;
  • reorganize the text structure or content.


Translating various texts, general or technical, from English to French and from French to English.


Final check of a text after formatting or Web integration to correct typos, linguistic or visual, that slipped through during previous steps.


Set up the content of a document in a way that is enjoyable, easy and convenient to consult and, if applicable, that respects presentation requirements (APA style sheet, presentation protocol for university papers, etc.).

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