About me

Hello and welcome to my blog: Quel mot t’a piqué? (What the word is bugging you?).

Freelance Translator and Certified French Editor, I created this blog to share with you some things about my favourite subjects: words and languages, interests that derive from my passion for reading.

That’s right! I’m one of those people whose eyes light up when they talk about an unusual linguistic fact or who cringe due to a mistake left in full view in a news article.

It is only recently that I realized there were people around me (family, friends and clients) also interested in articles on various aspects of languages, either to avoid always making the same mistake, or simply to learn more about linguistics.

Let me reassure you! Far be it from me to repeat every grammar lessons you ever had in your school days. My aim is rather to present you with articles mixing theory, practice and personal stories from a fun perspective.

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Finding a name for my blog was a difficult task. Choosing the right words, making puns, it’s not simple. Nevertheless, Antidote’s help allowed me to find idioms useful in creating funny (French) puns. They were all unfortunately already taken by other websites.

But nothing is lost when you look for words! Proof, my search allowed me to learn about a particular play on words: self-translation. This play consists in a

noun that, broken down in two words, gives the translation of the first in another language; example: “Aubergine → Auberge (fr) + Inn (en)”, “Waterloo → water (en) + l’eau (fr)”, “Merci → Mer (fr) + Sea (en)”.


A play on words useful in creating marketing campaigns or bilingual company names, as with the example below.


(Auberge Inn Hostel, Facebook, http://tinyurl.com/ydhynzqd)

You’re wondering how I finally found the name of my blog? Well, it’s my father who had the idea for Quel mot t’a piqué?. An idea that turned out to be an autocorrect from Messenger… Anyway, I got the bug for this name!

To get the bug means having a strong interest in something. With this blog, I then ask you: which language bug do you have?

A bug is also an insect: small, often annoying, but useful to the ecosystem. Being stung by an insect is painful, and it leaves you with an unpleasant feeling, just like some grammar lessons that don’t stick (and you feel like they never will…). To help you, I would like to know: which linguistic notion is a problem for you?

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See you soon!